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Fukuchan Ryoko a ajouté 37 photos.02/12/2018 @ 14:23
A photographic summary of this year's autumn stay in Osaka. Thanks to Kumiko for some nice pictures!
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko02/12/2018 @ 13:34
After six very busy but interesting weeks in Japan, I'm back in Germany. After the very successful journey with clients in Shikoku, I didn't go on another big trip and just staid in Osaka & the surroundings. This year, the change of a the colours in the mountain was particularly beautiful.
In order to help you forget for a while the gloomy grey of the European winter, I'll share this afternoon with you a selection of my photos from this trip!
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The rock formations of Tatsukushi. The best nature site of my last trip to Shikoku
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Fukuchan Ryoko a partagé la publication de Taste 'n' Trek Nepal with Michelle and Roshan.05/11/2018 @ 2:07
Our friend Michelle, who lives in Nepal, organises tours for small groups of travelers in the Himalaya region. In March 2019, she's planning a trip to Buthan. Here all the information!
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Fukuchan Ryoko04/11/2018 @ 7:15
A week after the end of my journey with customers to the island of Shikoku, I just finished the diary. This time, I'm testing a new platform recommended by one of the participants, Polarsteps. It's a great system, a travel tracker with many possibilities.
Enjoy the trip and please free to share and like it!
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Fukuchan Ryoko11/10/2018 @ 13:28
In Amsterdam on my way to Osaka 🇯🇵, flight delayed 😞 but I found new chocolate 😜. #amsterdam #japan #transfer #Fukuchanryoko #chocolate #tonyschocolonely #foodporn #enjoylife