Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko15/06/2018 @ 15:25
I finally took the time to write the recap of my spirituality journey with two customers last month in Kyoto and Nara.

And from now on, I'll devote my spare time to the preparations of the upcoming trip to Shikoku (in October). I'll soon post more information about this journey!

Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko13/06/2018 @ 11:01
Beautiful kanjis on a latern at my favourite Shinto shrine, Kasuga Taisha. Soon more photos and a news about the upcoming autumn trip to Shikoku! #japanspring2018 #spirituality #shintoshrine #kasugataisha #nara #Fukuchanryoko #tourguide #photography
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko04/06/2018 @ 15:12
Colourful incense burner at the atmospheric Manpukuji zen temple. The spring trip is over but I still have plenty of nice pictures to share 😉. #japanspring2018 #Fukuchanryoko #tourguide #photography #spirituality #buddhism #enjoylife
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko a ajouté 29 photos.28/05/2018 @ 8:56
During the past two weeks, I guided two elderly ladies in Kyoto and Nara, the former capital cities. The focus of this trip was the spirituality in Japan. It was a very intensive but rewarding journey. My customers discovered the beauties of Japan and I learned really a lot about Buddhism an Shintoism. Here a selection of my photographic impressions. As soon I return to Germany, I'll relate this journey on my blog.