Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko11/10/2018 @ 13:28
In Amsterdam on my way to Osaka 🇯🇵, flight delayed 😞 but I found new chocolate 😜. #amsterdam #japan #transfer #Fukuchanryoko #chocolate #tonyschocolonely #foodporn #enjoylife
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko10/10/2018 @ 14:37
Tomorrow, I’ll once again leave Germany to Osaka. This time, I’ll stay in Japan for 6 weeks, alternating business and leisure!

First, on Sunday I’ll begin with a group of 4 customers a trip to Shikoku, my favorite island of the Japanese archipelago.
We’ll rent a car in Tokushima on the north-eastern coast and drive around this wild and beautiful place.
Following the rugged Pacific coast, we’ll go from cape to cape and of course taste the fresh delicacies of the ocean!

Stay tuned for a full report and a bunch of pictures!
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko01/10/2018 @ 17:40
Between 2 translations and the preparations for the Shikoku trip (beginning in 10 days!), I finished the diary of my journey in Palestine. Here the last 2 posts:
Part V: https://www.fukuchan-diaries.com/single-post/2018/09/25/Part-V---Refugee-camp-legendary-leader-Oktoberfest
Part VI: https://www.fukuchan-diaries.com/single-post/2018/10/01/Last-part-of-the-Palestine-diary---Desert-salty-water-temptation
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko25/09/2018 @ 9:55
The journey continues and is getting more political!
Enjoy the first of 3 days in the Palestinian Territories
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko23/09/2018 @ 15:05
At last it's raining in Germany!
I take this opportunity to continue the travel diary. 2 more posts are now online!
Part II: https://www.fukuchan-diaries.com/single-post/2018/09/23/In-the-heart-of-Palestine---Part-II