Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko19/03/2019 @ 10:30
Last walk in the German mountains on a frosty but beautiful morning before packing. Next stage, Nagoya Japan!
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko13/03/2019 @ 13:21
Japanese Spring Break!

After 3 very busy and boring months, I'll soon leave my translator desk behind, pack and fly away 😎.
In one week, on March the 20th, I'm flying from Frankfurt to Nagoya.

Upon arrival, I'll first go on a short relaxing journey in the heart of the Chubu region. This time, I'll explore 2 new cities in this region, focusing as always on food (of course!), handicraft and hiking.

Then, after 3 days, I'll travel to Osaka and make the last preparations for the customer trip, which will begin on March the 26th and last for 10 days.

Stay tuned for a full report live from Japan!
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko a ajouté 6 photos.11/03/2019 @ 11:40
Nice surprise this morning, everything is white und beautiful! Trip to Nagoya D-9!
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko08/03/2019 @ 15:29
It's me swimming backstroke to Japan 😜. The next Japan trip is right ahead, I'll fly to Nagoya in 2 weeks! More news about the trip in a few days. Stay tuned! #Japan #Fukuchanryoko #tourguide #enjoylife #fish #aquarium #swimming
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Fukuchan Ryoko a ajouté 4 photos — à Schmitten.21/01/2019 @ 13:10
After several weeks of gray sky and rain, there is a glimpse of a real winter in Germany
-7°C, snow, a clear blue sky, great!
Fukuchan Ryoko
Fukuchan Ryoko02/01/2019 @ 17:31
Happy New Year!
2019 will be again a busy year for Fukuchan Ryoko!

At the end of March, I'll return to the Japan for 7 weeks.
First, starting in Nagoya, I'll travel to the Japanese Alps and explore a part of the Tokkaido road, one of the most important ancient routes connecting Edo (modern-day Tokyo) and Kyoto during almost 250 years.
Then, I'll welcome back a returning customer and go with her on a meditation journey in the heart of Buddhism.

Stay tuned for more information soon!